Monday, April 30, 2018

What Water?

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ Temperance

"I am receiving what I need." Minetti
This card has led me on a merry chase. I've read a lot of books set in ancient Egypt and the characters  seem to be predominately drinking beer, although water is sometimes featured in hanging jars.

I just finished a book set in the mid-1600s and the day started and ended with watered wine for all ages.
I make the simplified jump it was because water was contaminated everywhere near human habitation and fermentation served the purpose of purifying.
But villages often had wells.
Doesn't mean the water  was drinkable, right?
I'll ponder this today.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Looking Back

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ Wheel

Riccardo Minetti wrote the little book that comes with this deck. He tells the story of the Etruscan Fool through the majors. Of the Wheel he says "I follow the choice."  As much as the Wheel sometimes crushes us, we sometimes ride it out, and some of the time, it is our choices that fuel the Wheel.

This warrior is pulling an arrow, readying his bow. But he is looking behind. Too late if the Wheel is bearing down on him, that bus is gone.
I gave myself breast cancer, I earned it with rage. Lung cancer? Totally on the Wheel.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Use It or Lose It

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ Magician

Awen and Nwyfre. Inspiration and life-force.

We can ever remain idea people or we can think and act and bring our vision to life. Most of my brilliant ideas have been lukewarm at best and occasionally total busts. Oh, the ribbon embroidery...what a disaster, and the seed of  my three week rule. Think about it madly and exclusively for three weeks, if it still seems like a good idea, then go for it. 

I'm no magician, my reality is employing both the right and left sides of my remaining brain. I can live with that. Use it or lose it, right? I like an idea that tweaks my brain stem, means I'm still ticking.

Friday, April 27, 2018

I'm Chuffed

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ 2 of Coins

I often, too often, speak of my hopelessness in thinking the world will never get better, only worse. And based on human behavior, I believe that to my core.

But it has been a day or two since I've seen a modern miracle. The leaders of North Korea and South Korea meeting in peace. Meeting! Totally truly amazing. I'm chuffed for humanity. At least for today, a chance to balance million of citizen's lives, to give hope of reunions for families that were torn apart pre and post Korean War.

I expect there were prickly moments, but this short film..well, for today, hope wells.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Out Of Sight?

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ 4 of Cups

In this 4 the cup is actually playing hid and seek. Out of sight out of mind? In others the cup is being handed directly to the figure. In both instances I get the impression the Rider-Waite 4 is going to sit there until someone else does the work for him.

This is one of the reasons I prefer thoth based decks to the Rider based. Here are examples of the thoth based 4 of cups. No victim, no schmo, no sad sack.

But I use both because there is always something to notice, something to share, something to have a companionable conversation over. Gotta love the cards. And there are a lot of days I'm the schmo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Those Threes

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ 3 of Wands

Projects and plans begin to shape up.
Or go awry and begin to be unravel.

The threes are a good place to stop and reassess. Is this really what we want? Has our vision gone up in smoke? Have we come up with a better way, addition, a new working plan?

At the threes we usually don't have a huge amount of time and materials invested. It is alright to pull back, but to also have confidence to go forward.

How is that for wishy-washy?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Face it, Own it, Deal with it

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

If I were everday broke, waiting for payday, as opposed to end of world broke, what would I still have?
The sun, gorgeous day here
The moon, always my favorite but don't tell the sun
Plenty of fabric, needles, thread
Treadle machine in case the electric bill was waiting
food and plenty of it
Honcho, Ash, Xing Xing, Xavier
the littles, my three remaining banty hens, singing the egg song
winter wood almost all in, see my muscles?
camp gear if it came to that
I appreciate those days are long behind us, but I do need to be aware of how little it takes to make me happy.

I could probably go on all day, and still just touch the surface,
then add in people, general gratitudes, on and on. Life is Good.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ Queen of Wands

The 'get it done' queen, no fartin' around here.
She always has a couple of irons in the fire, she is quick to start something and then start something else. She finishes what she begins though, no willywashing about too much to do.

I'm reminded by this card that until it is finished our efforts are pointless. How can we admire project that isn't finished? It has no value and becomes a millstone of guilt. Stand up, put your shoes on, get it done. Does anyone want a tombstone that says
"I wish I'd finished"?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Make It Stop

Daily Draw: Druidcraft Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

What's keeping me awake?
America's trash.
The idea of disposable appliances.
Planned obsolescence.
Over packaging.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ 6 of Coins/Wisdom

I know someone who is here as a shadow worker. His children are DACA residents. Smart, active in school and after school activities, so fun to be around.

I've offered him full freedom to use our garden space if he wants to grow fresh vegs for his family this year. I'm hoping to get to know him well enough so he understands we are here if he needs the help of a citizen.

I've been looking for a new sanctuary since we sold our farm up north. Maybe I'm the sanctuary. Why not, both our lines go back to immigrant status just four generations ago.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ Hermit/Grail Knight

A credent, who contemplates the passing of events, in order to create a credible myth to steer the rabble in a desired direction. To paraphrase Matthews...

I love the smell of a new word in the morning. To paraphrase Robert Duvall. I'm almost too late, credent is deemed both archaic as in giving credence,  and obsolete as in credible. Never mind, I've added it to my dictionary.  Give the hermit his due, he doesn't get around much and mostly composts old knowledge and myths.

I seem to be in fine fettle this  morning.Two yoga practices and seven miles of lawn mowing will do that to a person.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wall of Print

Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ Ace of Wands/Shields

I was a hairdresser for twenty years and was often impressed with the number of ways to work in the business and never touch hair. Some years back I was in real estate. On a whim, I looked up opportunities in the field outside of list and sell. Who knew??

A wall of print, yes, but I find the variety heartening...

Appraiser (residential): The median annual salary is $50,706 with a salary range usually between $41,795 and $58,572.
Appraiser (commercial): The median annual salary for an appraiser who works in the commercial sector is $94,104 with a range usually between $107,954 and $80,943.
Commercial leasing manager: The median annual salary is $105,330 with a range usually between $79,423 and $146,674.
Commercial real estate broker: The average annual salary is reported by to be $64,501, but annual incomes in this field can vary dramatically, going as high as several million dollars per year, depending upon the annual closings. Total pay usually falls between $38,170 and $196,775.
Commercial real estate loan officer: The median annual salary nationally for a lower-level loan officer is $74,564 with a salary range between $64,454 and $85,995. A senior loan officer’s median salary is $129,743, The sale of just one multi-million dollar commercial property per year can generate over $63,000 in commission income alone.
Community development manager: The median annual salary range is $105,608 with a range typically between $91,128 and $121,918.
Compliance specialist: The median annual salary for an entry-level compliance specialist is $54,686 with the standard range between $48, 787 and $62,325. More senior compliance specialists average $68,657 to $92,096, with a median of $79,379.
Escrow officer: The median annual salary is $46,003 with a standard range between $37,230 and $55,797. Escrow company owners can earn several hundred thousand to well over a million dollars per year in income with enough steady escrow closing volume.
Foreclosure specialist: The median reported annual salary is $40,690, typically ranging between $34,222 and $48,754.
Land administration manager: The median annual salary is $153,980, typically ranging between $140,091 and $172,448.
Leasing consultant: The median salary nationally, early in a consultant’s career, is $28,703, typically ranging between $25,943 and $31,859.
Lease administrator: The median reported salary is $49,042 with incomes frequently ranging from $43,354 to $62,988.
Lease administration manager: The median annual salary is $70,111 with incomes frequently ranging between $59,348 and $92,049.
Mortgage collection manager: The median reported starting salary nationally is $76,567, typically ranging between $62,784 and $88,730.
Mortgage credit analyst (Level I – newer employee): The median salary is $51,182; the typical range is $42,286 to $59,726. For a senior mortgage credit analyst, the median annual salary is $62,931, typically ranging between $55,916 and $70,162.
Mortgage loan officer (Level I – starting level): The median annual salary is $40,225 for a newly employed loan officer with a typical range between $32,903 and $48,999. Median salary for a senior mortgage loan officer is $70,993.
Mortgage loan processor (Level I): The median annual entry-level salary is $35,369 with ranges between $31,919 and $39,981.
Mortgage loan processing manager: The median reported annual salary is $86,756 with most salaries ranging between $74,037 and $97,170.
Real estate attorney: The median reported salary is $136,204; the standard range is 118,764 to $150,966.
Real estate consultant: The median reported annual salary is $64,000 with a standard range between $46,000 and $110,000.
Property manager: The median annual salary is $91,701; the standard range is $79,618 to $105,511.
Residential property manager: The median reported annual salary is $55,591; the standard range is $48,430 to $62,761.
Retail real estate manager: The median annual salary is $119,424; standard range is $100,335 to $138,307.
Real estate zoning manager: The median annual salary is $106,149; standard range is $94,401 to $118,082.
Real estate sales agent: The average annual income for a real estate agent in the U.S. is $40,015, with a standard range of $39,090 to $50,898, but top producers can earn far more.
Real estate and relocation director: The average annual reported salary is $146,127 with a typical range of $124,257 to $181,802.
Title examiner: The reported annual salary is $39,320 with a standard range of $36,469 to $42,057.
Top mortgage loan servicing manager: The median annual salary is $146,601 with a typical range of $122,584 to $252,853.
Top commercial real estate executive: The median reported annual salary is $274,153 with a standard range of $235,548 and $337,424. The job functions can include overseeing a commercial real estate firm’s agents as well as planning and directing policies and objectives for the entire firm.
Top retail real estate executive: The median annual salary is $260,037; the standard range is $214,593 to $330,733.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~  8 of Swords

Juice of the poppy.  A maesters first choice. And Hippocrates. And Rabâ-ša-Marduk. Pain. And opiates. Like horse and carriage. But which comes first?

I'm told prescription Oxycodone can run $50-80.00 a pill on the street. Crazy. A fentanyl tab is $5.00. Again. Crazy. I'm told employees in pot factories bring two gallons of milk to work and gulp it down in a shift just to be able to stand up straight and work. It is a funny old world. Funny sad, not funny ha-ha.

And the rest of us just drive on by, impervious to horse and carriage both.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Owning Ownership

Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ 4 of Coins/Wisdom

Pulling all he owns, everywhere he goes. Doesn't look very happy. Stuff we dust, stuff we store, stuff we pack in closets and attic. Garages get converted, build-ons grow, shed are bought second houses are purchased.

Me me me mine mine mine. We stand in the stuff shop and try to think where we can put it. And even where to hide it. But won't it go nice with our other stuff! Eighteen years I've been conscientiously weeding. My nieces and nephews will do it all in three days.

Easy Peasy.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rocking Or Even Keeled

Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ 6 of Wands/Shield/Faith

Home and hearth; successfully even keeled. Credit well deserved.

As I understand it the Cathar basic tenets were "the good principle had created everything good, permanent, immutable; while the bad principle had created everything bad, temporary, perishable."

As Cathars gained adherents rapidly, Catholicism mounted another Crusade...: "Kill them all. God will know his own".

The whole concept leaves me flattened. But this card, showing one on one without conflict, is an answer never allowed to flourish. Pitifully, kill them all is the old men's response to rocking the boat, getting the little people wound up and thinking for themselves. My mind is so often boggled.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Daily Draw: Cathar Tarot ~ 3 of Wands/Shields/Faith
Action, movement, discovery
Support, share, cooperate
Would that all our projects worked out this way.

One of my entrepreneurial wild hairs that passed the three week rule was Luggage To Go. It wasn't a big earner, but for first time travelers, particularly overseas. it passed the test of usefulness.

Rob shrugged, he was used to me having ideas. Not one other person was supportive, but I was used to that. I rented those four sets of luggage for about four years, until they got shabby.

It was fun listening to the potential travel plans going out, and fun to hear what the actual highlights had been coming back.  We need to remember the first thing is be our own support. Self doubt bombs a lot of interesting innovations.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Aesop, Boggled

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Dancer of Lies

I've ragged Rob unmercifully about a 600 pound bass story he told me when we were dating. I looked up the subject this morning and there has been groupers, halibut, and bass landed that size. Who knew? I made my apologies to Rob.

Do you remember the Aesop fable about the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? The young shepherd made up wolf stories and when one did menace his herd no one believed him. The story made a deep impression on the child I was and has pretty much kept me honest.

We have a sitting president who opens his mouth and lies flow forth, even when lies serve no purpose whatsoever. The havoc of the long term consequences on impressionable minds boggles.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Always A War

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Spirit of Healing

The news this week is about how many people don't remember or have not heard of the Holocaust of 1933-1945 WWII. To that I would add the Korean War, Pol Pot, and the Vietnam War. I'm guessing it is more about families who weren't impacted who don't remember.

I remember Russia in Afghanistan, only because our news made great sport over never any progress and they finally just went home. Who is laughing now?
But I have no one associated with the Middle East mess so I know little about the losses there, it doesn't seem real.

On July 1,  1916, 19,240 troops died at Somme. In One day...
Sept. 17, 1862, 22, 717 troops were dead, wounded, missing in action at Antietam. There are one day totals even worse.

I'm trying to heal from the war zone that was mother. Perhaps we can't take it all in, or remember because it is more pain than we can process and bear.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dream Analysis

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Hunter of Dreams

Does anyone believe or understand dream analysis?
Water: In over your head
Monkey bars: Carefree
Train: Life journey
Goat: Abundance and mirth
Skyscraper: And this mish-mash "A skyscraper dream maybe about you but it may equally be about someone else."(google)

I dream a lot and they seem to be, on awaking, long and complicated. But the most common thing I remember is a building sense of anxiety.
I can't get somewhere
I can't find something
I can't save something
I can't respond to something...
I'm not anxious when awake though. Or am I?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Private and Secretive

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Ancestor of Boundaries

No one ever said it but the rule growing up was keep family matters at home. Flash forward fifty years and family is often the last to hear, everything being shouted to social media.

Natural photos now look odd because selfies give a reverse image. That reverse is not skin deep anymore, but taken beyond reasonable boundaries.

I used to be private, even secretive, seldom sharing what was important to friends, or even Rob. Wordsmithing this blog over eleven years has exposed all there is to know about me. I'm no different than the average twerker.

My shaky saving grace is I write for myself. Or do I?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Companion

Companion. I remember mine. I'd forget to take her and she would jump from the top of a phone pole to the next to catch up with me. She was also from the olden days and I'd explain about tractors and silverware. 

I'm thinking she probably moved on when I was eight or so. I wonder who she is with now and does she remember our time together with fondness. 

Maybe that is our proclivity for spouse and children. We miss our companion.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~Spirit of Initiation

First day of school. I felt like I was a foot taller when I got back home.
Freshman initiation. Wearing eggs and oil and dirt and paint all day, filing in a line through each room full of kids. Didn't get it then, still don't. Playday/Payday for bullies.
First day on any job. Guaranteed to make us feel dumb.
First day in our own first home. Bliss.
First dog. Why didn't we think if this sooner!
First day of retirement. We got in the car and ran and ran.

Away from the enormous stresses we'd been under. And ran some more. In some cases I am still running.
That is life.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Shaman of Reflections

This Shaman would ask us to recognize our normal paths, and alter them, then reflect on our actions.
Club/group meetings? Sit somewhere else, by someone else.
Take different routes to the most common destinations.
Love oranges, eat mango.
Turn right upon entering stores? Turn left.
Drink coffee? Try tea.
Wear grubbies on days off? Dress up.
Favorite restaurant? Try something somewhere different.
Try short hair/long hair.

We are creatures of habit and comfort. Doing something different wakes up the neurons. Wake up! Wake up!
Reflect on the change, reflect on why we can't or won't.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Hunter of Vision

Foresight. Insight. Hindsight.

Our brain does these tasks in the background. Only when we bring something to the forefront can we recognize what we have assimilated, what we've discarded and what we've missed entirely.

One thing the dark, bronze, and iron ages had that we don't. Time to roll thoughts, ideas, and actions over, to understand the depth and catalog the usefulness. Of everything. Boggles the mind. What have I learned this morning that is chaff in the wind already?

Friday, April 6, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ The Journeyer

This is the part of us that holds our accumulated wisdom, travels with us through each of life's rooms, provides the backstory for every decision we make.

That backstory is key isn't it. Yes I've been offered the opportunity to be part of a two year MacTel study III. Two small studies using this technique have already passed and the results are promising enough to go forward with another bigger trial.

Bigger being a key word. Drawn from Europe, Australia and America, the study will consist not of thousands, but 112. Half of those with the placebo. Would be eaiser to win the lottery.

I'm Not Worthy! Wayne's World

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rare Offer

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Ancestor of Illusion

A gazelle sipping at the source of truth, sees its opposite, illusion.

I've been asked to be part of a surgical test group with  my eye disease. The disease is rare-ish, and being offered this chance even more so.

I can take what I have, still the same glasses Rx for the last four years, hold to an illusion of all is well, ignoring damage that impacts all areas of my life.

Bolt from the very idea; shout nay, not me, no way.

Go for it. Save some guinea pigs from being guinea pigs on my behalf. Sounds valorous put that way. I'm always one to save the animals over save the people.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Eka Pada

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Dancer  of Promise

Yesterday at yoga I did the Natarajasana (dancer) pose for the first time, beginning and ending with Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (standing pigeon).

I'm reminded by this and yesterday's card to stop pegging myself as an unconfident beginner at so many things. Sheesh, I've been doing yoga for at least twelve years.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What and Why

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Hunter of Paths

We have our always path, sometimes path, never path.
Do they all serve our needs?
Are we wise enough to know when to abandon a path?
Are we even able to leave an always path?
Have we reasoned out the why of the never path?

I'd like to think I'm not doing anything one way because it has always been that way. Much of our life goes about on auto-pilot, under and behind our thinking brain. What am I missing? What am I saving myself from? Or for? What wonderful opportunity am I ignoring?

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Line Backwards

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Ancestor of Protection

Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Until we are old enough to know better we act as we've been acted upon. My recent ancestors were agrarian, protestant, blue collar, life span of 50-90 years. None of my direct line have yet made it through higher education.

I remember my fraternal grandfather going on and on about 'straight democratic ticket', probably because of Roosevelt's efforts to pull the country out of the depression of the thirty's. I'm guessing all my recent ancestors did the same.

Sometimes that protection might result in square pegs, effort being made to not follow the family path. If asked I wonder how many of my cousins would be in the square corner? Me for one, but if we were clothes pinned to a line we'd lead straight back to what we came from. People don't really change.

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Spirit of Family

Sense of community. I've driven 6000 miles to see someone I cared deeply about but had never met.
I won't drive 200 miles north or south to see blood relatives.
I sincerely doubt it would make a mites difference if I did.

Isn't that a funny pickle barrel in which to be ensconced?

I need a new sanctuary.