Friday, April 6, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ The Journeyer

This is the part of us that holds our accumulated wisdom, travels with us through each of life's rooms, provides the backstory for every decision we make.

That backstory is key isn't it. Yes I've been offered the opportunity to be part of a two year MacTel study III. Two small studies using this technique have already passed and the results are promising enough to go forward with another bigger trial.

Bigger being a key word. Drawn from Europe, Australia and America, the study will consist not of thousands, but 112. Half of those with the placebo. Would be eaiser to win the lottery.

I'm Not Worthy! Wayne's World


  1. Hoping you don't get the placebo and see some improvement (literally!).

  2. I am sending rays of light and love, so that whatever choice or treatment, it is the right one for Sharyn.


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