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Friday, April 13, 2018

Always A War

Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~ Spirit of Healing

The news this week is about how many people don't remember or have not heard of the Holocaust of 1933-1945 WWII. To that I would add the Korean War, Pol Pot, and the Vietnam War. I'm guessing it is more about families who weren't impacted who don't remember.

I remember Russia in Afghanistan, only because our news made great sport over never any progress and they finally just went home. Who is laughing now?
But I have no one associated with the Middle East mess so I know little about the losses there, it doesn't seem real.

On July 1,  1916, 19,240 troops died at Somme. In One day...
Sept. 17, 1862, 22, 717 troops were dead, wounded, missing in action at Antietam. There are one day totals even worse.

I'm trying to heal from the war zone that was mother. Perhaps we can't take it all in, or remember because it is more pain than we can process and bear.


  1. Maybe we are just wired to take in the pain of family and community.
    My mothers WOII traumas will always remind us to that particular war. The older she gets the more intense her memories and nightmares are becoming

  2. I imagine many battles occur on an inner battlefield.

  3. Astounding numbers. It will take more than a few generations or even a couple of hundred years before The Human Race can and will be able to heal, especially since we haven't learned our lesson. Your journeys as ours continues.

  4. We don't learn and history repeats itself because our life span isn't long enough to accomplish it. That is my story and I'm stickin' to it.


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