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Monday, April 9, 2018


Daily Draw: Shaman's Oracle ~Spirit of Initiation

First day of school. I felt like I was a foot taller when I got back home.
Freshman initiation. Wearing eggs and oil and dirt and paint all day, filing in a line through each room full of kids. Didn't get it then, still don't. Playday/Payday for bullies.
First day on any job. Guaranteed to make us feel dumb.
First day in our own first home. Bliss.
First dog. Why didn't we think if this sooner!
First day of retirement. We got in the car and ran and ran.

Away from the enormous stresses we'd been under. And ran some more. In some cases I am still running.
That is life.


  1. Kitten we adopted went into heat. I am amazed at how loud of a noise can come out of something so tiny (and that she can keep it up for so long). A first for me! We've got a trip to the vet scheduled at the end of the week. :D

  2. I hope I will experience new firsts too. Life is beautiful to reminisce about the old ones.
    Mmm might be a good journal prompt: to list my firsts and to ponder about new ones

  3. I've been using an old journal to write letters to a friend. I found in the back this week, pages I'd written in Feb. 2010, the beginning of my slide into blackness.
    There are two lists I made, Burden Basket, what is in it, and Energy Leaks. A most valuable resource to look back on.
    Am I harder? Am I stronger? Am I well?

  4. I'd like to click "Like" on your nonexistent "Like" button.

  5. Now that is an interesting task, Burden Basket and Energy Leaks. Figure out what is draining the joy out of me.


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