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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Looking Back

Daily Draw: Etruscan Tarot ~ Wheel

Riccardo Minetti wrote the little book that comes with this deck. He tells the story of the Etruscan Fool through the majors. Of the Wheel he says "I follow the choice."  As much as the Wheel sometimes crushes us, we sometimes ride it out, and some of the time, it is our choices that fuel the Wheel.

This warrior is pulling an arrow, readying his bow. But he is looking behind. Too late if the Wheel is bearing down on him, that bus is gone.
I gave myself breast cancer, I earned it with rage. Lung cancer? Totally on the Wheel.


  1. You have mentioned before that you gave yourself breast cancer and lung cancer was an unhappy happenstance. The Wheel turns and sometimes it collects mud on its turn and casts it off on unsuspecting passers-by. Lucky for me that you moved beyond them and I found you and your blog on-line and had the wonderful opportunity to meet you my friend.

  2. and you'll see us again in a few months! Thank you for being my friend~

  3. Glad you are living in the light these days, no matter what the Wheel brings.


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