Sunday, May 13, 2018


Daily Draw: Grand Etteilla ~ #19 Capitol

Misery in poverty, going or coming from prison.
That would be a full day. If combined in a spread with #22 run away!

I've been to prison twice. Once in the mid-80s to visit a friend. He was brought down the stairs into an open meeting room. I rushed right over and gave him a big hug.  They marched him back upstairs and searched him. Not supposed to touch the inmates. I was red faced, but not sorry I got in a good hug, I expect it was the only one he had while incarcerated.

Once in the mid-90s to visit my little brother. They wouldn't let me in because the wand showed metal. My underwire bra as it turned out. I could take my bra off and go in or I could get out. I got out.

The lesson prison taught my brother was how to fine tune his ability to cadge.