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Sunday, May 13, 2018


Daily Draw: Grand Etteilla ~ #19 Capitol

Misery in poverty, going or coming from prison.
That would be a full day. If combined in a spread with #22 run away!

I've been to prison twice. Once in the mid-80s to visit a friend. He was brought down the stairs into an open meeting room. I rushed right over and gave him a big hug.  They marched him back upstairs and searched him. Not supposed to touch the inmates. I was red faced, but not sorry I got in a good hug, I expect it was the only one he had while incarcerated.

Once in the mid-90s to visit my little brother. They wouldn't let me in because the wand showed metal. My underwire bra as it turned out. I could take my bra off and go in or I could get out. I got out.

The lesson prison taught my brother was how to fine tune his ability to cadge.


  1. Cadge, had not heard that word before, believe it or not. Nor do I think I have come across it in the many books I have read. Thank you for the gift.

  2. There have been times that when we were glad the youngest son was in prison, because he was safer there. Thankfully he has turned his life around, but being imprisoned had nothing to do with it.


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