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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Effort and Will

Daily Draw: Game of Thrones Tarot ~ 9 of Cups

Samwise has apparently made it to the Citadel, school of the Maesters. Sam had one of those tough guy fathers who was continually disappointed in him and let him know it time and time again. We have been watching Charlie Chan movies and although said with a smile he also constantly put down his sons. Words cut just as deep as swords although they aren't always meant to.

This 9 of Cups indicates Samwise rose above the situation in which he was left, with the help of a true friend and adults who saw he never gave up trying. The 9 of Cups isn't a gift, a free ride, a wishes granted card, but speaks of the real reward for our own will and effort to reach our goal.


  1. Did not know that about CC. Hope his sons made good like Samwise.

    1. I'm speaking of the sons as characters in the Toland Charlie Chan's. He had 13 kids in the movies :)

  2. Satisfaction from leaving a dissatisfying situation in the Eight of Cups, and knowing you did the right thing.


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