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Monday, May 14, 2018


Daily Draw: Grand Etteilla ~ #33 End of Worries

"A good card. Stimulates action and encourages imitative"

A century later this card is pictured as three swords through a bleeding heart. Perhaps second only to Death as a card querents hate to see come up in a spread.

Humans hate and dread change that upsets the equilibrium. If not ever offered the ending the 3 Sticks brings it would still be 1810 with electricity running water sterile hospitals being banned before beginning. Electricity letting the devil in, used water is icky, what? wash my hands being the viewpoint.

All that said to say, we always have and always will act with initiative when flummoxed by life. The better part of our nature.


  1. That change from the three swords to those piercing the heart feels like a move from recognizing universal suffering to "it's all about me."

  2. Change is scary and unsettling.


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