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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Free Association Hairball

Daily Draw: Blum/Gern Runes ~ Laguz/Flow

A Julia Cameron task was morning pages. First thing when I got up, three pages, written fast, with no thought about spelling punctuation sentence structure.  Just words, flung.

I never read anything I'd written, but through the day I mentally worked over the hairball I'd harked up. Some years later I pitched the journal in the burn barrel, a poor mans funeral pyre.

But from that book of scribbles this blog eventually flowed out. I got over being private. or caring what anyone thought. Some day I'll even get over mother. I'm often amazed and occasionally horrified by what flows from my keyboard. I write for myself, and introduce me to me, via flow.


  1. Hold up the mirror. I think you will see a wonderful woman.

  2. Really glad you started that blog. I'd have neither my blog nor your friendship otherwise.

  3. Why over? Why not around, under, through, behind, if you get my drift.


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