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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rob's Socks

Daily Draw: Grand Etteilla ~ #23 Queen of Wands

In comparing today's #23 with yesterday's #16, I see the former is holding a sword, as today's is holding a wand or stick. So is the Queen of Swords really vicious? Is the Queen of Wands really virtuous?

We could walk around with a bag over our heads for as much as we know someone else. I'm reading about the 1968 Tet offensive, and it noted one group, going by foot, had their C-rations in a sock tied to their belt. It struck me as a funny image so I asked Rob if he had ever done that.

He said no, as chopper crew, if they did go out it was for quick forays, if they came back alive, it was in  time for chow. But the sock was so nothing clanked if the soldier was on foot. Anyway...I learned something about Rob's socks I hadn't known before this week. Connected with the Queens...probably only by me.

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  1. The sock was a good idea (thanks for that interesting tidbit). How could I not read this post with a title like that? Lol


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