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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seasons and Decades

Daily Draw: Blum/Gern Runes ~ Naudiz/Constrained

Who knows how we get there but most of us are carrying some kind of self made millstone. Millstones will grind exceedingly small, and we push and push, until that big kernel of doubt or hurt is fractured into many more small ones. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we can? Because we are human and complicated?

Living with this we harm our physical health, destroy undeserving relationships, cut our self off from joy, and restrict our potential.

I've cut away personal millstones over the seasons and years of this century. They take time to grow and grind. And to recognize, own, and release them for what they are.


  1. I've always heard the phrase, 'carrying a millstone around your neck,' but until I saw how big an actual one was, I didn't get the meaning.

  2. I can relate to how it feels to carry such millstones. It even felt good sometimes. Silly woman. Now I am sixty and I finally experience how light life can be


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