Monday, May 28, 2018


Daily Draw: Spiral Tarot ~ High Priestess

"Self-sufficiency sometimes leads to isolation" (Steventon)
Twenty years ago to get a newspaper we had to go downtown. Maybe swing by the bank and talk to Liz, hit the mini-mart, see how Denise's husband was doing. See what was new at the quilt shop, pick up some bread at the grocers.

As much as I love the features of my computers, it has indeed removed the need to go out and press the flesh. I can't think of anything I can't order and have delivered. There aren't any questions that I need to wait to have answered. I don't have to go camping to know what the RV parks are like. I don't have to see someone to have friends. Weird old world.

"This is a fine mess you've gotten us into Ollie." missquote, Laurel and Hardy 1930

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