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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Aggregate

Daily Draw: Game of Thrones Tarot ~ 2 of Wands/Spears

Today's choice? Not a choice at all. According to Google, Blogger posts are now blocked in the EU. With a notice saying they and many others cannot acquiesce to the EU's demands about transparency in tracking.

Daenerys, whose fortunes have turned and turned again, watches Drogon soar and probably wonders if the clutch of three will be the only things trustable in her world.

Dragons are probably the only thing anyone can trust in today's online world. To believe otherwise is a fool's game, soaked in the hubris we have kept ourselves quiet, no one cares who little old me is or does. They don't, it is the aggregate of all the littles that matters.

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  1. I too received Googles notice about blogs. I wondered, and then thought, pfft, like you I write for myself. That's as transparent as I get. Don't want to read, that's okay too.


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