Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vapor Dream

Daily Draw: Blum/Gern Runes ~ Gebo/Partnership

In the '90s we had a sideline of growing cut flowers. I had lobby sized bouquets where ever I spent much time. A hobby business that gave in nature, gave at home, gave at work, and gave a little money too.

We had a neighbor who wanted to make a partnership. He wanted to fly around the world to the great flower shows and buy new stock. We needed to think much bigger! We had seven hundred dollars in the flower account and me to do the grunt work, and both of us with full time jobs.

I sometimes think of that morning, Ken so excited and Rob and I looking bug eyed at each other...a shiny partnership dream made of vapor and nothing more.


  1. I am sure your partnership with Rob is build upon a much stronger foundation

  2. Richard often had people try convince him to open other stores besides the one we had. He never thought the extra stress would balance out the extra money.

  3. Hopes and dreams. Some good and some not so good.

  4. I love hearing more of your life story! -Kate


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