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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 2 of Wands/Nature

"Happy Development" A child and a stone toy.
Looks like a toy bullroarer with elements of learning involved.
Scraping my brain around into different mounds, trying to remember some childhood toys.

There was the red board. Supposed to mimic a woodpecker because one end was pointed. It has yellow legs pinioned into two spaces and became a walking woodpecker for as long as you wanted to bend over and lift it up and down so the legs swung.

There was the ever evolving round Quaker Oats box. We'd get a new one about once a month.

And the song Beep Beep The Little Nash Rambler makes me laugh still, and wonder how many miles my big brother and I crept and then ran full out around the house downstairs while it played.


  1. "Go outside and play" was a phrase I grew up with. Toys were made with the imagination and what was found at hand.

  2. The child definitely has a tether and dragging it along. Makes me think of the things that we still carry with us from childhood.


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