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Monday, June 18, 2018

Blend And Drain

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ Force/Temperance

If we set aside the brain, which may or  may not be of any use, I wonder how much innate instinct we have compared to a rabbit or elk or dog. Not much, in primordial times, but enough.

Many readers say they read by their instincts rather than basic tarot structure. I wonder what they mean by that. I wonder if it could be said that I do too.

As we blend, separate, reabsorb, and drain again, what we might of thought of as instinctive behavior ten or twenty years ago has probably reformed into new thoughts and responses.

Each day we get, we remake ourselves from what we had, what we have, what we take, what we are given. A good thing I think, giving us the path to be better rather than stunted and misshapen.

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  1. Reconditioning what has been conditioned. Greer had a nonwoo-woo view of intuition. Basically an instinctive gut reaction paired with a file pulled quickly from our mental file cabinet.


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