Monday, June 25, 2018

Good News Bad News

Daily Draw: Songs For The Journey Home ~ Chariot

Good  news. We are camped up high, overlooking the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge.
Bad news. Our chariot possesses a bad slide-out motor.
Good news. All under warranty.
Bad news. It is a long way to the repair center.
Good  news. We aren't going to be late for work. I Love being retired.
Bad news. I'll be forced to sit and sew while enjoying the view.
Good news. Life is as hard as we choose to make it.
Bad news. Rob needs a 7/8 crescent, the only one not in his busy bag of tools.
Good news. Who cares, I Love being retired.


  1. "Life is as hard as we choose to make it." - My words of wisdom for today. :)

  2. Ha! Great post, Sharon, you clever thing.
    Sounds like a beautiful place. -Kate

    1. be grateful sanity took over, I had about three pages worth of muddled thinking I backspaced to oblivion.


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