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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Meat Hook

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 6 of Swords/Blood

Survival. Bring it down, bring it home, eat it.
I used to hunt. Sold my rifle three years ago.
Now I have a slingshot, never aimed at anything living, even trees.

We can care all we want about humane meat plants but when it comes down to it, from loading up until hung up, it is all terror for the animals.

If I had to kill it I say I wouldn't but humans will do anything to survive and being the market for packaged meat, I am killing aren't I?


  1. As a Buddhist, I have a lot of cognitive dissonance about this topic. On one hand, I've tried going meatless and my health suffered. I did only eat seafood, which seemed to fix the issue, but fish are animals too. Sigh... Used to hunt as a kid but haven't done it since.

  2. Exactly, Sharon.
    There are some very believable rationalizations, but bottom line ... we eat them.

    1. coming from farming families it takes a long time for the ideas to form and trickle. Our farmers are going crazy now, China buys 60% of American pork. With the new tariffs a lot of that market will disappear. Do I worry about farmers keeping their land or do I worry about pigs being slaughtered because there is no market or slaughtered because too good of a market.


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