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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Three Constants

Daily Draw: Food Fortunes Deck ~ Queen of Sweets/Coins

If the Queen decrees it, it must be so.
No dessert in the house. Particularly the kitchen. Not even hidden in the bottom drawer of the chest no one uses. Not behind the dog food. Not on the top shelf. Not in the Jeep, no not under the seat.

Rob, quilting, and Weight Watchers have been the three constants of my adult life. About once a decade I renew my get the weight back off relationship with WW. Funny how we can say every morning, today is the day. And it lasts about eight minutes. And then one day we are 'in the zone', act like an adult, and plow through the pounds. Humans are funny people.

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  1. Being an adult is rarely my first choice, but generally the wisest.😁


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