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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Three Old Bags

Daily Draw: Food Fortunes Deck ~ 3 of Cups/Steeped One

I use Ty-phoo, PG Tips, Highland, Tetley, or Yorkshire tea, because they remind me of my dear friends in the UK.

I'm happy with using each bag three times. The first dip is more of a drive by. The bigger the mug the better. Black two sugars. Often with a quarter spoon of instant coffee.

I found that recipe by happy accident, I made tea in the cup that still contained some of my morning brewed coffee.

I never dated anyone twice that didn't want to sit at the kitchen table and drink tea with me. Tea. The miracle reviver.


  1. When I was a young child, my grandmother used to make hot tea with milk and sugar. Hot tea always feels comforting to me now.


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