Saturday, June 2, 2018


Daily Draw: Spiral Tarot ~ 3 of Wands

"Looking over the business of the day" Steventon

I'm in the process of listing a lot of decks for sale. When I came to the office this morning the LWB for the Trilateral Tarot was in the hallway.  Cards were on the floor. The original knit bag seems to be missing entirely.

Later: Four cards on the fourth stair step. Bag and one card in the bedroom. Honcho is polishing his halo. Perhaps we have another reader in the family? Amazingly, no teeth marks. I'm grateful for small favors.


  1. I like that analogy - "looking over the business of the day"
    Good luck placing the deck back together.

  2. Where is the list? Where? Where? -Kate

  3. Heehee, our newest addition (kitten) is like having a toddler who gets into everything at night while we sleep. Glad the deck was just scattered!
    I do hope you'll post your list on the blog too. :)

  4. never thought about it but I might. I have no idea how many people read here. And the comments problem still goes on.

    These three I could see in my dashboard under comments, but the only option from there is to delete or mark as spam. But they were posted here. weird.


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