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Friday, July 6, 2018


Daily Draw: Tarocco Piemontese ~ 5 of Cups

Conflict and uncertainty. This is a 'pip' deck of the Marseilles style, often shortened to TdM. The conflict with this whole style of deck is the right or wrong way to read pips. If you'd  never seen a pictorial minors deck, what would you make of five cups? Or seven coins? Or how to tell swords and wands apart, and which way if any, is the right way up?

I found airy advice in, concentrate on the vines. Look at the color symbology. Follow your intuition, let the florals speak... All unhelpful. So I do what I'm guessing most do, transpose the idea of the pictorial card into the pip card.

This is the oldest deck I own. Color symbology? The whole deck has the same four colors and shades. Choosing up or down there are still five usable cups. The differences in the vines and leaves are minimal. All said to say the first TdMs were printed in the 1400s. And we are still conflicted how to read them.


  1. Are you interested in Lees Bursten's keywords?

    1. printed and ensconced in the 'big book of the tarot' :)
      thank you!

    2. I am too strongly influenced by the RWS. All I see with those cups is an outdated wallpaper pattern. Might take 5 glasses of ale to help take it all down.


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