Sunday, July 8, 2018


Daily Draw: Animal Totem Tarot ~ Temperance

I once collected flamingos. Flamingo notepaper, candlesticks, fabric.
Salt dips, precursors to salt shakers. Brass bookends. Picture frames. And where  did the dozens of pencils and pens come from? Do they hatch in the night? Big rhinestone brooches. In the early days getting decks was probably a form of collecting, but there isn't a library for decks where they can be checked out and used for a few days. They have to be used to see if they are usable.

FlyLady created Temperance in my life. The flamingo stuff is gone, the bookends serve as door stops, the favorite remaining salt dips live in an inherited display case where I enjoy them every day. I don't buy fabric but use what I have. Decks come and go like buses, the few keepers reevaluated each January.

The quilt fabric collecting was a problem, an addiction akin to hunger and took some serious effort to break.  Believe it or not.