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Thursday, July 26, 2018


Daily Draw: Lojong for the Layperson ~ Slogan 38

"Their loss our joy" karma and vampireism

Karma will get you for that. I've never understood the mechanics of that thought or what karma is, but we get the idea of wishing  a bolt of lightening upon a jerk. Or the vampires, when you have a joy to celebrate you get the "yeah, but what about that son in jail or sister that can't afford surgery or that garage about to fall down...humm, what about that?

We all know a joysucker and there are probably times when we've inadvertently been one. Slogan 38 would like us to work on our compassion, and recognize our own joys can generate more joys.


  1. Joy-suckers have no idea that the more they try to drain from others, the more they actually drain from themselves. It's a pinprick compared to a dam collapse.

  2. You know i thought karma was the reaction we get from time to time for atonement. Not since I was hurt, cause I didn't deserve that. I cringe now when I hear people talking about karma, especially when someone says someone deserves something. Joy-suckers indeed.

  3. karma is probably the most overused word I know when relating to spirituality. We might like a bus to run over the feet of someone we know is a creep. But that carries forward to a bus of his kids going home from sunday school going off a bridge. Whose karma is that. Or his wife gets cancer. How is bad things happening to bad people via their loved ones bad karma? It is the loved ones getting punished, the jerk goes right on with his life. I sure wish I could find Scion's AT post on the subject. Even I understood it. But that is getting away from the post of this Slogan. Bev's decks always make me think.


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