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Friday, August 10, 2018

Death Of Red

Daily Draw: Green Witch Tarot ~ Death/Lord of Shadows

I've joined a new group this week. All the colored hair is now cut off and I am officially gray. Or silver. Or white. Pretty big step for a hairdresser who had colored her hair red for forty years.

There was a point in winter when the grow out didn't bother. So I didn't color. I read in a supermarket check out magazine that when there is a big change in life a woman's hairstyle makes a change also. With photos of examples. It was a cool article. I thought about that this week.

I expect both external and internal changes fueled my own transformation. All good. I'm still the shell, but warning, put your sunglasses on when I approach. Shiny!


  1. I love gray hair on a woman or a man. It's a testament to being tenacious! :)

  2. What? I too recently decide to quit coloring. I go for another cut on Monday and then will still have some of the blond and brown highlights left. I am mostly gray except in back where there is still lots of dark brown. I notice how washed out my skin looks so I am applying a bit of foundation. Natural is better, I think.


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