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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Overlapping Or Veering?

Daily Draw: Hermetic Tarot ~ Universe

Completed. Or Uncompleted. I wonder if I weighed my current life status would I be evenly balanced like this card. Card number 21. The last or highest card of the tarot majors. Or is it? The Fool is unnumbered; as long as we are living the cycles revolve, the little things repeating.

We've eaten or we haven't. We've paid the utility bill or we haven't,
our life overlaps, one petal of a fractal.

The screen potato and the runner aren't much different, their clock keeps the same time and both return to where they started. Both would have a story to go with the time spent. But the screen potato's story is written by someone else, the runner's is self directed. I wonder what I could throw into my day different from every other day? Am I able to even think beyond my own repeating fractal and veer off?


  1. I think any time we read or listen to another, we veer off if only briefly. What is a screen potato???

  2. the modern version of a couch potato. someone who watches a screen.

  3. New term, screen potato, never heard it but sounds about right


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