Monday, August 6, 2018

Ritual or Routine?

Daily Draw: Green Witch Tarot ~ High Priest

A life of rituals. Do we make them, do we conscript someone else's? Are newly formed ones just as good as the ancient ones? Are they confining or empowering? What differs a routine from ritual?

Last fall one of the prettiest plants on the property was a perennial going dormant. We've had it at least twenty years, have moved it at least six times, it is a wonder it has survived at all. I resolved to mark it's progress this year and have taken a photo on each sabbat.

By doing this in a ritual manner I've elevated that plant's importance in my mind. I admire it every time I go by now and can't help but remark on the growth of the new forsythia near it. Which has caused me to finally get the rusty seat on the rusted hay rake to the right. Which has gotten a hydrangea planted behind it which will be glorious when it and rake become one.

So is it ritual or routine that elevates an action?