Saturday, August 18, 2018

Shred and Fluff

Daily Draw: Hermetic Tarot ~ Ace of Coins

Materiality in all forms. What about the other end? There are huge dump trucks dedicated to just hauling 'fluff' to the landfills, the soft parts of vehicles. Load after load after load.  Bale after bale of A and B plastic, not often recyclable any more. The tailings from marijuana growers, yeah, they make garbage too. Contaminated dirt, miles of trucks hauling household garbage, delivering the impossible to be buried, never to break down.

A ray of light, 'shred' from the metal auto parts is being turned into steel fence posts.

And America is worried about plastic drinking straws. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.


  1. Sometimes we have to start small. I'm still in awe that so many people have and use reusable grocery bags now compared to a few years ago.

  2. Good post. I often wonder at the footprint I am leaving. I am doing much better and when given the opportunity I pick up debris and cigarette butts to atone for past misdeeds. Maybe I will receive the coin to give Charon for trying to do better.


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