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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Starry Hands

Daily Draw: Harmonious Tarot ~ Star

Don't judge me because I'm prone to pettiness. I drew Judgement this morning, crossed my eyes and put it back in the deck. Not because I refuse Judgement, but the Harmonious image confounds me. Sidetracks me. Leads me down a trail of speculation.

As did the Star. Completely sidetracked from intuition and self nourishment, I want to know what her hands are touching. Which led me off in several directions, including Walter Crane images. I found Aidan Turner. Which is another direction entirely.

Well never mind, I do need to make a project that is going to be total guesswork. I'll pretend my intuition has kicked in and blunder along. But what the heck are her hands touching?


  1. Looks like her left hand is holding a spear and her right is patting a table. Maybe she is Diana, with her spear and is prompting one of her hounds to jump up on the table so she can take a look at the thorn in it's paw. Other than that your guess would be better than mine. Maybe one of your goats sitting in the burn paw and needs some ointment on her burning hide?

  2. I thought the right hand was blessing the ground/earth.


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