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Monday, October 8, 2018


Daily Draw: One Thousand and One Nights Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

Companionship and shared interests. I have yet to find anyone local that enjoys tarot cards. And only one local quilter although I know there must be more.The guild meets at night and I don't drive at night anymore, oncoming lights are spears in my eyes.

Not whining, I'm happy with  my own company but my point is on-line groups can fill in the gap. There is a nice little tarot group here and for extra fun, a group for RV Quilters on FB. Companionship when we have time for it, two of cups friends. And I spent the weekend policing up my quilt room in readiness for the upcoming Bonnie Hunter quilt mystery, there will be a herd of us doing it. Life is good.

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