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Friday, October 19, 2018

Trinkets For The Dead

Daily Draw: Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Contentment

Do we even want to be contented? Do we even know what contented means? I have everything I need covers the subject.

In truth I do have the have everything nailed, but it doesn't mean every day some trinket-ish tchotchke doesn't wave at my want-it bone, all bling and glamor and new-smelling.

Not today though, it is autumn gravestones day, change out the cheerful red geraniums for glowing gold and orange chrysanthemums and see that Rob's mom's name and icon have been added to our stone. I have new ornaments for the little shepherd hooks. A beautiful silver trailer for mom and dad, a shiny tractor for Rob's dad and stained glass hearts for his mom. And for my little sister, two girls hugging, one with red hair and one blonde. Trinkets for the dead.

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