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Sunday, November 18, 2018


Daily Draw: Merry Day Tarot ~ Ace of Wands/Fire Dragon

Those Wands. "Work Work Work Work Work" Mel Burns

I got a notice from Flickr they were going to a paid format and would only hold 1000 images for free. The rest would be deleted. I panicked because I have well over 5K photos on this blog, wouldn't it be sad to lose all that?

Turns out I got the notice because one time I joined one quilt sharing group. Whew. But it made me wonder where the heck all my images are? Apparently on Picasa, which moved to google photos and most are in Quirkeries blogger archives there.

And I don't know much more than I knew when I started. Should I lay awake worrying about losing all those photos?  Could my computer hold all those images if I downloaded them? And like Webshots (which deleted millions of albums) would they all arrive with a string of numbers making sorting a nightmare? Work Work Work...

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