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Sunday, December 30, 2018

FacePalm Brilliant

Daily Draw: Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Balance

An introduction to Claire Mack's beautiful oracle is going to riff off yesterday's post of planned obsolescence, and getting tools and appliances repaired.

There are so few ways we as singles can make a difference in keeping our Earth Illuminated. But a response to the idea that repairing things is a lost art brought this, from a small town in Australia.

"We now have a repair cafe in town. Once a month people come to a community facility and bring things to be mended, fixed. Others come to share their skills, to teach and to repair. last month toaster repairs were the most sought after." ~ Pam  

I can repair the knees in jeans like nobody's business. Invisibly if I get them soon enough. We need a DVD player repaired, another object going obsolete. We have good dry firewood, need sheetrock mudded. I could go on all day I expect...

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