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Monday, December 24, 2018

IRL (= in real life)

Daily Draw: Spirit Keeper's Tarot ~ 3 of Cups/Chalices

One of the strongest themes in story and song is how and why family and friends interact. It is a basic core need to be +1 and more is better as a rule. I have a niece who has over 500 facebook friends. She runs a daycare and seldom goes anywhere. Does she know that many people who she cares about and who care about her?  I have no idea but I'm jealous.

I was listening to a quilting podcast this week and someone emailed in that they were listening at guild meeting. Ehh? Even in the real world her connection to online activity was stronger? I've been thinking about that ever since.

My closest friends are no where  near me and I've met in person so many really wonderful people whom I first met via mail and then via internet.  Never met even one I didn't like. Kalama is getting a yoga studio! I'm hoping to be a charter member and make some real life friends. Yes please!

Bev...we are breaking out the boiled peanuts as the centerpiece of tomorrows buffet. Thank you for your friendship. Carolyn...My word of the year painted rocks (2018 Reality) (2019 Equilibrium) are commingling as we speak. Thank you for being such a good sport for taking the commission each year and thank you for your friendship. Eluned, remember when postage was affordable and we'd send big boxes across the ocean? Thank you for your friendship.  Pam, thank you for giving Rob the trip of a lifetime, thank you for being our friend!  Judy, when I first contacted you, you said you didn't do much online...those were the days, thank you for your friendship. Joan... just. (((hugs))) And to so many more, Love, Sharyn

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