Thursday, December 27, 2018

Life In Process

Daily Draw: Spirit Keeper's Tarot ~ Emperor

"Making sense of self" Benebell Wen
Probably the first thing that has made the Emperor card and path make sense to me. I see the word, get bent out of shape because the world is full of crap emperors and my brain stops there.

But what if I turn that to observe what kind of emperor I've become?
Ruthless because I can kick the superfluous to the curb?
A terrible short term trait but a must have for long term planning.
I learn by observation, I don't have to experience to empathize.
I have zero agenda based on world or personal view.
I can respect the idea without being subsumed by it.
Because I've made my own way without gifts and entitlements I know anyone can. Which probably brings me back to ruthless.

A life in process. What will I learn today that will change me tomorrow?

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