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Friday, December 28, 2018

No Hope At All

Daily Draw: Spirit Keeper's Tarot ~ Archangel of Mysteries/King Coins

This King of Coins acts as intermediary and mediator both above and below and guide for lost souls. Would that were true of all leaders. In much of the world kings have been groomed from birth, so theoretically  enter the position with much of the knowledge needed to rule for the benefit of the whole and understanding of noblesse oblige to the individual.

In Queen Elizabeth's year end speech a gold piano was in the background which the see nothing say anything are frothing over. Much of what royalty owns has the weight of gifts or ancientithicy foisted upon them. I've always had a kitchen, but I'd really like a shiny kitchen. Do our Kings of Coins ever dreams of an uncluttered space with no gold anything? Smooth lines, big windows, new carpet, dark ancient hanging pictures by artists they can't abide gone. Royalty is a gilded prison. At least I can hope for a shiny kitchen, this King has no hope at all.

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