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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ride On Sir

Daily Draw: Spirit Keeper's Tarot ~ Death

Evidence based ritual, intuition based ritual. Symbolism pulled from every path of humankind. The little book that accompanies the cards is beyond my coping skills. In some part because I don't believe in anything and Benebell Wen believes in everything. Which leaves me having to think my way through. Yesterday's 2 of Cups/Chalices stumped me although I often returned to it.

All that said to say, a juicy meal indeed. Just the way I like it.
Me a Homer Simpson, my decks an Einstein equation.
Do I believe in Death? Yes, I guess there is one thing I believe in.
I believe in decay after death. That's two.
Am I afraid of death? Never. It is the dying I resist, so many bad ways to go. Ride on Sir, nothing to see here.

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