Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Wishy-Washy Faith

Daily Draw: Spirit Keeper's Tarot ~ 8 of Cups/Chalices

Is it strength or defection to recognize failure and cut our losses?
Is it strength or defection to leave a group in the lurch because it isn't working for us? Is it legal to not finish a book? To not clean our plate?

Our 8 of Cups has so many permutations, great and petty. How can we measure the value of staying vs. walking away? I've let my subscription to WW lapse, it is so darned expensive. I've gained three pounds. Where is the win in that? I didn't ask to be invited to christmas dinner, and we weren't. Is that a win? Watching my little bundle of stocks this week...do I pull and flee, or invest more while they are low? What if I took my whole buy a house fund in cash and put it under my bed, or what if I put it all in Tractor Supply?

Those darn 8's. They require faith, not wishy-washy worrying and my stomach hurts thinking about it.

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