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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Channeling The Inner Empress

Prisma Visions Tarot ~ Empress

A week full of ruling class draws. The term turns the stomach...and what does that say to and about me? And the Empress, dogging me.  "Receiving and reflecting the natural world" (James Eads) or has that always been the seed of the Empress and I can't get past the whole mommyism vs the poor pitiful childless woman?
 Many of my good friends are childless. Not sought deliberately. Odd that, in a world awash with children.

Back to reflecting the natural world, I've been working on my naturescape table this week; this is a favorite new gathering. Abalone shell my father-in-law brought home from the South Pacific in 1938. Yellow rose buds from my own roses, fresh moss and lichen from my own forest, and a downed nest from our farm. Lovely. My own forest, my own farm. I mean from the real world that belongs to no one and every one. Channeling the inner empress. 

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