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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Honcho and Jacob

Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Abundance

My ginger tabby Honcho is in the hall playing with the same piece of heavy wrapping paper he has been working on for two days. His favorite toy is a pink pipe cleaner that is grey and worn now. If he understands abundance he knows he has it in spades. Two hots and a cot as they say.

Since the 30th of December I've been flinging books to ebay. Five shelves gone, many pounds, and I've gotten over feeling abused about my eyes. Last night I put my entire hardback collection of Stephen King on Craigslist. They were gone in two hours and the young man is SO excited. It was fun to talk to a fellow King follower, so many many years of pleasure. I included a signed letter in one of the books for a treat later. I have abundance, I recognise that every day, and now Jacob has some abundance also. Life is good. 

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