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Monday, January 28, 2019


Wisdom Cards ~ Liberate

Liberated mind.
Slamming my quilt books through ebay has given me a $600.00 book fund. The + side of the - side. In synchronicity two books came into my hands I thought I'd never find. One visial, one audible. Snapped them up without blinking a busted eye.

Liberated home. Out with the physical damage mother's dementia left on our home has helped let that mother free. Maybe I had to live with it four years to clear the path for something else to come in. Maybe it was penance.

Liberated life. The day after total responsibility for mother lifted we got in the car and left for three weeks. I had time to visit with a dear friend in Mississippi before she lost the fight to cancer. I hold that visit and that time on the road as the first step on the long road to mental recovery.  Probably responsible for saving my own life. 

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