Monday, January 21, 2019

Ride 'Em Knight

Prisma Visions Tarot ~ Knight of Cups/Chalices

WaHooEeee...Is he riding the sea serpent or has the sea serpent flung him from his element? Looks exhilarating but short lived. There is a reason eight seconds is the cowboy wins whistle. In the end the bronc always wins because an old bronc buster is busted.

Where does he go from here? When the cheering crowds and the pouty girls go home what does he make of his life? Actors seem to favor restaurants, sports figures car dealerships.

Where would I be if washed from my element? Plugging along, thinking creatively, going with the flow, crying in my cups? It is a funny old world, and humans don't live long enough to learn by their mistakes. The real crime is not learning from history. Ride 'em Knight and remember water can't win over gravity. 

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