Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stop Judging Me

Brady Tarot ~ Judgement

Rising up. Lifting off. Bats are leaving the cave in an organized explosion. Is the eagle observing? Herding? Bat snacking? Getting out of the way? Being harried? And what's the snake thinking?

Earliest tarot decks with majors based on christian iconography offer folk rising from coffins to greet an angel. I roll my eyes and move on taking a more literal stance. A little snarky judging.

A deck based on the animal kingdom tells me the eagle is the highest flying bird. Ehh? Hardly. The companion book by Pollack would have us believe it. Sometimes I just get tired and think I should be using playing card decks. Nah...where is the thought provoking fun in that? But lots of birds fly higher than eagles and lazy fact checking gets on my last nerve. 

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