Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Be A Spy Or Be Spied Upon

Tarot Egyptien Oracle of the Dames ~ Page/Jack of Swords

#53 Lack of foresight, beset by a spy.

I never had a job that paid high enough or was important enough to make it worth someone's while to mess with. But I often worked just below it, and watching the jockeying and positioning and one upmanship that goes on was a combination of errpness and comedy.

You learn early on if you don't want to get dirty stay out of it, or to jump in early and swim. So many choices in life, based on complicated delicate psyche. 


  1. Ack, I hated those jobs where people expected you to take sides. I just wanted to do a good job and earn a paycheck.

  2. " errpness " ? is that a variation of "eeeeewwwwness?" lol

    I'm naive. At a place I worked for 13 years, when people in power started backstabbing and lying in order to jockey into positions they wanted and have their way, I couldn't see the sense of playing so dirty and thus didn't believe it was really happening.

    When things are bad, I never DO really believe it.


    1. yes. I'm always teaching my spellchecker new words.

  3. Self esteem issues. We are all on the same path to the same place.


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