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Friday, February 15, 2019

Biggest. Money. Ever.

Tarot Egyptien Oracle of the Dames ~ Knight of Coins

#66 If drawn for a soldier this card is a sign of peace. If drawn for a young girl next to #33 danger awaits.

On the other hand, the non-fortune telling hand, it is a good looking horse and a coin...perhaps a night on the town is in order.

There is a thought for a busy leader, mint bigger money, the lowlies will think they have more of it. The biggest money ever. 


  1. There are times that I get money out the ATM machine and all brand new twenties. They keep printing more and more. All we have is more paper, no longer backed by enough gold in Fort Knox to back the currency.
    How soon before the meltdown?

    1. When you need a wheelbarrow full of paper money to buy bread you are In the meltdown. Printed inflation.
      The real meltdown. 2119. According to the recently released long term study the mass die-off of fish, bird, and bug will have reached peak velocity with no going back. Nature and people can't survive with our symbiosis. To which we offer nothing by the way.
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