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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Non-standard Happy Families

Pagan Otherworlds ~ 10 of Cups

 Thursday's suggested day of relaxation with Friday's thoughtful examination of details, morphed into the Veterans Memorial Museum in Chehalis Washington. Right on the interstate, a place I've meant to visit for twenty years and hadn't. Shame, it is worth the time, and repeated visits are in order.

Which leads to the 10 of Cups and the suggestion of a close family, often waving goodbye. Rob's been cleaning out his bookshelves and albums and magazines. There is a pile developing of important, what the hell to do with it. Serendipity...the veterans memorial wants it. For sure, his family won't, even the artifacts dating back a century+.
We'll be waving goodbye, in our usual non-standard happy families way. 


  1. Yay, a win all round

  2. I think of that little froggy in the card leaving all it's eggs in the lake for safekeeping, like Rob leaving his memorabilia with the museum.

  3. You two are really decluttering, if that's the word for it. Out with the old, in with the new! I always say. When we make space, good things come to us.

    The $12.12 was a $9.49 (or so) "handling fee" with GST and PST (two Canadian taxes) tacked on top. I have all the decks and books spread out on my dresser in the bedroom and am feeling absolutely wealthy. An embarrassment of riches!
    Thank you again for being so generous.



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