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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Toe In The Rivlet

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot ~ Temperance

My name is Sharyn and I have a hair-trigger temper.
Once I learned how destructive it can be to myself and others, I've leashed, stomped, drowned, beaten it back, get it offa me day in day out.

But perhaps I'm like Hulk's Dr. Banner. I'm always angry, not suddenly angry. A small difference of viewpoint. Toe in the water. A small rivlet of steady anger management.

If I were perfect I couldn't stand myself. It would probably make me angry. 


  1. I will always have strong emotions. I'm getting better at not letting them convince me that what I feel is the truth (which means I don't have to act on them).
    In the wise words of Carolyn, "Practice makes progress."

  2. Oh my god your blog is letting me comment! What did you do to fix it?

    Anger is a really tough emotion to handle. I'm working hard at standing back and not acting on it; i.e. not saying anything, just observing myself. I find my angry thoughts will keep repeating even though I try to stop them. They just dig deeper and deeper ruts in my brain.

    I'll be sure to brag if I ever get control of this.

    -Kate, going home today, excited to open the parcel!

  3. google+ is going away in a few months, so in the dashboard I just turned it off period. I've not wanted to before because it says it will mess with past comments, disappear some. Oh well.

    That also fixed the long term impossibility of how to get back to comments also coming to me in email. I'm really happy!

    On the other hand I can no long comment on individual comments.
    I hope you enjoy your box for years, Sharyn

  4. I have been back to being unable to comment on some blogs. Blogger doesn't recognize rocketmail addresses. The think is, i don't have that linked to my blog, just my gmail address. Today, it is allowing me to just use my name, yesterday it wouldn't. I will press post and hold my breath.


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