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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Wrong Bus

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot ~ Tower

Suppose she fell silently or did that dress whiffle and snap in the wind? I wonder why she was up there? Were the wallbound spiral stairs still intact? Would something this ancient still have the exposed beams? Or is the disrepair recent war damage. Or was it suicide, or murder, specific or immaterial to the location?

After a Tower event we can look backward and find the trail that led to this moment. Sometimes we just happen to be crossing the street in front of a bus. Wrong place, wrong time. 


  1. I suddenly hear Tom Petty singing, "And I'm free, free fallin'".

  2. In Foyle's War there is a beautiful scene of a Russian prisoner of war going off a bridge rather than be shipped home to be massacred coming off the ship. That death was face forward and at peace. I don't think this one was. Murder or accident...I'm a coroner at heart I think, always got to know why and how


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