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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Assigning Value

Peanuts Tarot ~ 4 of Cups

Is that which we hold dear our treasure?
Or do we think we treasure everything we hold?

Setting aside living things, enough to eat, shelter,
of everything you own, if all you can keep is what you can hold,
what would it be?

Laying not asleep in the night I realized there are four room length  cupboards above the closets. And I haven't a clue if there is anything in them at all. I've been through them before in the downsizing process, once my side held twenty years of quilt magazines, at some point clothes that were too small or too big, maybe old tax records. Now? Not a clue. That is my goal today, discover treasure that needs to come out, there is space all over the house to show it now. Or take it to the dump, which is surely what those who empty our home after we are finished with life will do. 4 of Coins, always gives value. 


  1. Now I need to go work on a cupboard of my own.

  2. I'm too vertically challenged to put much up in my cupboards. 😁

  3. I have a really rickety step ladder that is dear to my heart, "the green lighter". It will never go out the door.
    Turned out to be 30 years of tax returns, oh so neat and tidy. Now in the corner, accessible for the giant spring clean the forest burn pile. Outta here.
    Rob's side was keepers :) He always has been neat and tidy.


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