Saturday, March 16, 2019


Art of Life Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

I was so disappointed. I was crushed. I was gutted.
This card speaks of those times, when we curl up in a ball fleeing the circumstances entirely. Kick the refrigerator, punch the accelerator, scream at whoever is dumb enough to be closest.

Like the times we win, survive, come out on top, when grabbing a passing stranger in a hug seems the most natural thing to do. Moments to savor and remember. Moreso because we know the gutted times, the balance between the two become part of a bittersweet existence shared by humanity. Which ones we allow to pierce and drain and which we allow to fill are what shape our days and years. 


  1. I've been feeling a bit gutted lately, watching my daughter as she sweats buckets, white-faced with intense pain, as she deals with a kidney stone. I'll surely feel like hugging everyone in sight when she passes it.

    1. I used to cut the hair of several doctors, and gained all kind of insight (gossip) :) One said kidney stones are only exceeded in pain by shingles in the eye... (((daughter)))

  2. The good and the not so good. The Nine of Swords - yuck


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